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EU Comenius - projekt "Život minorit s námi, nebo vedle nás?"

This meeting was held from Monday, the 17th till Friday, the 22nd of March in Thessaloniki, Greece. Host school was the 5th Gymnasium of Stavroupoli, which is located in Stavroupoli (now being part of the municipality named Pavlos Melas), one of the surrounding municipalities of the city of Thessaloniki.
On the first day we visited the Royal tombs of the ancient Macedonian kingdom that are located near the city of Vergina, the city of Naousa where we saw an old carnival custom.
On the second day, we welcomed the participants at our school the 5th Gymnasium of Stavroupoli. After introductions were made so to know each other there were presentations of works of all the countries.
On the third day the participants visited our school again and the whole day was spent there. The students were busy attending classes, and the teachers decided on the activities and deliverables for the meeting in Hungary. We also made plans for next year, talked about our report at the end of the school year to our national agencies, decided about an application for an e-twinning label. We planted an olive tree as a reminder of our meeting. In the afternoon the bus took us to the acropolis of Thessaloniki and we went to a small tour.
On the fourth day we walked in the historic center of the city and we visited monuments from Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman eras. On the way we saw several old and new markets. We ended up at the White Tower or at the Archaeological Museum. In the evening there was a dinner an offer of the parents of our students who cooked for us traditional dishes. Students danced traditional dances. At the end of dinner the certificates of participation were handed out.


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